Looking for the perfect agency for your travel tours and immigration? La VIV Travels Limited is perfect for you, why?

·        We are registered and affiliated with international associations as active members.

La VIV travels limited is a multinational company with registered offices both in Nigeria and Cameroon with dreams to move all around Africa.

La VIV travels limited is affiliated with international travel bodies such as National Association of Nigerian Travel Agents (NANTA)

 La VIV travels limited is also affiliated with the International Air Transport Associations – IATA –being affiliated with these international bodies, means we abide by a set of professional, ethical and regulatory standards as is accustomed by the bodies/

·        We have the best payment options and assurances, with 100% Refund policy and/or 30% upfront payment and the rest as Block Funds.

With La VIV travels limited, our payment procedures accommodate for instalment payments, blocked funds procedure and 100% refund policy and risk insurance. Securing clients’ interest and providing safety and trust

·        Every day after hours services

We provide 24/7 service for emergencies as part of our premium services, this allows you talk with our consultants round the clock. 

We provide travel consultancy to every client, to advice what and where will work best, based on our clients need. We also make it a Duty to make every reasonable effort to ensure travelers’ safety

·        Premium communication

Our consultants are welcoming, full of love and customer friendly, they respond genuinely and ensure clients are up to date about our different procedures. We are always reachable, we always respond to our customers in a timely manner and give them all the information they need, bringing them peace of mind relating to your travel procedure.

·        We run Follow ups even after your procedure for long lasting relationships

We keep tabs for long lasting relationships even after your procedure is done, so as to follow through your changes and different possibilities to make your stay better and more comfortable.

We are always surfing new regions with better stay and pay for our clients and assist in migration.


Start your journey with us today for work, school and tourist visas!

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