The fellow Evans Boma Amateur worked with La Viv Travels Limited from November to December 2020. He defrauded the company of 200k. He cloned the company website because he was an IT officer who bought the domain and hosting. We discovered it while the website was always on suspension one time after the other. That was when we terminated his appointment last year. As if that was not enough, he paraphrased our procedure for canada work visa package and was circulating to the public that he could process visa for them in 2 months with a breakdown of figures to be paid to him in Canadian dollar. One wise victim who would have fallen into trap decided to Google La Viv and call the CEO directly, traced our office and showed us fake Canadian work permits he forged to lure people to pay him that he does the processing. When discovered we circulated a disclaimer for the public to be careful. When the disclaimer got to his notice; he chose to blackmail La Viv on social media. It is therefore advised that the public is warned about this fellow.

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